Weight Management

Oh No! What are you going to do with an extra $10,000 per year?

Weight Management, according to most doctors, health professionals, personal trainers and nutritionists is a simple matter of calories in versus calories spent in a certain period of time, usually per day.

We have learned as a society, this just is not true.  The brain uses weight gain and/or retention as a protective mechanism against a perceived famine,  or as a result of stress, generally due to an event in a person's life.

Using N.L.P. Neuro Linguistic Programming, a sort of fact gathering interview that is fun and conversational, we find the relation to your particular need to hold weight and/or maintain cravings, whichever might pertain to you.  Then we use Hypnosis to re-imprint a new belief, habits and behaviors regarding food, metabolism and exercise.

This can take a few sessions, however, you can easily calculate the savings each year in health insurance premiums, life insurance premiums, less foods daily, less medications, fewer doctor visits, and regular sized clothing to an average of $10,000 savings per year.


Many people are stuck in a cycle of dieting that starts working but then fails them, and over exercising until they are exhausted and still not losing the weight.  Every personal trainer, doctor and nutritionist will do everything they can to make you feel like it's a matter of personal strength and that you are weak for not having control over yourself and you are lucky they are helping you get your life together.  

At Love Your Life Hypnosis, we have a greater understanding that you don't always have the control over your life you would like to, so it's our job and our commitment to work with you and teach you how to take back that control over your life and get it to move in the right direction again.