Stop Smoking

Are You Ready To Stop Smoking?

Imagine what it would be like to:

Love how you feel and live a happier life

Have control of your life and not be controlled by cravings

Have more money to spend on the things you truly love

Finally overcome addiction

You want to quit smoking not only to save money, but to save your life.

It’s an unhealthy and very expensive habit that brings temporary relief and a lifetime of frustration. Like many others you’ve probably struggled numerous times to quit smoking and yet still found no success. You may have found success, but it only lasted a few days, weeks or maybe months until you fell back into that poisonous trap of smoking again.

You might be asking yourself “why is this so hard?”. You aren’t alone, studies show that it can take 30+ attempts to quit smoking. “But why is it so difficult to quit smoking?” When you begin smoking, the nicotine can reach the brain within seven seconds of that first puff. The part of your brain responsible for wild impulses is known as the prefrontal cortex, and of course this is very vulnerable to nicotine. The nicotine triggers certain receptor molecules and causes release signaling molecules, such as dopamine. This is that ahhh feel good moment after a hard day and you finally get that long awaited fix. Bad news though, after repeated exposure to nicotine your brain cells begin to change, and those changes reduce your body’s natural ability to release its own dopamine. Are starting to understand why you get crabby or depressed after going too long without nicotine?

The longer you smoke, the more your brain depends on the nicotine to feel “normal”. Without it you may feel like you are crawling out of your skin or losing your mind. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms may include:





Feeling anxious, jumpy, angry or depressed

Trouble sleeping

Trouble concentrating

Cough and chest tightness

If you aren’t sure if you are ready to handle some of the symptoms of withdrawals from nicotine, hypnotherapy may be helpful. Not only has hypnotherapy helped people quit smoking but its also helped overcome withdrawals as well!

No matter what your age is or how long you’ve been smoking, it’s never too late to stop. The sooner you quit, the sooner you will regain your health and other benefits including:

Within just a few days of quitting smoking, your sense of smell and taste will improve.

Reduce risk of heart disease

Healthier lungs

Live longer (Up to 10+ years according to the CDC)

Lowers risk for cardiovascular disease

Less stress

More money

Often people try smoking cessation products such as patches, gum, or pills. This is only a temporary fix to help with the nicotine withdraws but it still doesn’t solve the phycological issue and it doesn’t help finically. Some studies on PubMD show that on average, smoking cessation products cost $6200 per successful quit. Smoking cessation products and mental health care cost $12,000 per successful quit.

Alright, by now you are probably wondering how hypnotherapy can help quit smoking. To begin, hypnosis isn’t like the entertaining tricks you see actors do a stage in Vegas. Hypnotherapy uses a form of psychotherapy and hypnosis to guide and reprogram the subconscious mind, bringing your mind to a heightened state of learning. Instead of using smoking cessation products to fight withdrawals, hypnotherapy helps by breaking the triggers and negative behaviors associated with smoking.

Often it’s not just a chemical dependance that needs to be broken. Hypnosis targets the unconscious mind and behaviors as well, such as boredom, having conversations, driving, after a meal, having a drink, or finishing a stressful task. Hypnosis can change your mindset on smoking, like no longer seeing it as something you enjoy or need.

Quitting can be challenging and seem impossible at times. Willpower alone doesn’t always cut it as you may know by now, but hypnotherapy can help you. Hypnotherapy can help you target behaviors and triggers hidden deep within and help give you the strength to successfully quit for good!

How Are You Going To Spend $5,840 This Year and Every Year After That? Once You Stop Smoking, It's All Yours.

Stop Smoking, can be accomplished by gaining a better understanding of how your brain and body react to the smoking and the habit as a behavior.

When we work with smoking, it includes in depth use of N.L.P. Neuro Linguistic Programming in which we explore the client's needs or desires to smoke using a fun and easy interview type process.

Then after we have gained the reasoning and effects of the smoking as an addictive chemical and as a habit, we use Hypnosis to re-imprint the unconscious mind with a new message where smoking is no longer desired.

The average cost of a pack of cigarettes is about $8.00.  When we multiply the average use of 2 packs a day times 365 days we have cost of $5,840.00.  The cost of a stop smoking campaign is a tiny fraction.  So figure out how you're going to spend that extra $5,840.00 you will have lying around every year.

Only a qualified Master Hypnotist can determine the right form of treatment for the relief of smoking cravings, urges and addictions.  The art of hypnosis can provide fast results that you want, for the smoker who is ready to get rid of the old habit and be happier with their life.