Life Coaching

Life Coach Are You Ready For Your Ideal Life?

Life Coaching, Is It Right For You?

As a Life Coach I am constantly asked " What is Life Coaching and how do I know if it's something I need?"  I like to describe it as the fill into your life of whatever is missing or lacking. It is also to promote the growth in your life that you know you deserve.

Do you feel like your ideal life is just out of your grasp? Do you feel that your life should be so much more? Do you feel that you actually deserve more from your life? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions then Life Coaching is probably for you.

As a Certified Life Coach I take my clients through the areas of their life that they are not happy with. In order to move forward we need to address and let go of the negative issues of the past. Then, we move into a new space full of understanding that your life is what you make of it. 

A qualified Life Coach will not just inspire you by saying "You Can Do It!" I am not a drill sergeant nor your parent. I am here to ask you the important questions to help you find what is not working for you and then to turn your life into something that is working for you.

Unfortunately, I know of too many Life Coaches who use a one size fits all program. In other words, someone who is suffering from depression is likely to get the same treatment and advice as someone who is trying to improve their finances. Obviously, these are very separate and mutually exclusive. A good Life Coach will listen intently to the client and what the client is looking for, not just impose a preconceived notion onto the client regardless of their individuality. 

The bigger question really is "Are you ready for a Life Coach ?" This becomes self evident, if you are truly tired of trying to change or improve your life but seem to keep going backwards, or if you are so painfully disturbed by your current circumstances that you feel ready, then you are probably a good candidate for a Life Coach.