Healing Services*

Healing Services


is sometimes known as the "No Touch Massage" because of it's powerful presence even though there is no touching whatsoever.  The clinician passes energy through the healing hands into the client, then the energy is absorbed and used in areas of dis-ease or imbalance.

Trauma Relief

is greatly beneficial to anyone suffering from P T S D or any type of life trauma that has left an undesirable imprint on one's unconscious mind.  Through various processes such as "Age Regression" or "Time Line" we can resolve and relieve the pain accompanying such an event.

Life Coaching

is much more than getting you pumped up for the big game.  We move through a series of defined challenges and desired outcomes with you to help you with your life goals.  This is an ongoing service until such a time that you feel you have outgrown your mentor. 

N. L. P. or Neuro Linguistic Programming

is used as a wonderful tool to assist people in identifying and realizing points of issue within their life.  Through a series of questions and redirecting the way your mind perceives the events and issues of your life we can offer a new found comfort with these issues and allow your mind, body and spirit to move on with your life happily.

Dream Sculpting

is a fun and exciting way to get you back on track with realizing your life goals.  We work together to identify your individual wants and desires of your life and then create a plan to manifest those dreams starting immediately.


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The art of healing the body, mind and spirit using Hypnosis is not a new one.  History tells repeated stories of people taking time daily to meditate onto themselves or go to the elders for stories and guidance that would put the followers into a trance like state and absorb the teachings of their wise members of the village or tribe.

Many of the most powerful and influential people of our time use Hypnosis to their benefit and are very open and vocal about it.  It's use travels wide and far amongst celebrities, politicians and the world's wealthiest people.

Now you have the opportunity to put this powerful, beneficial tool to work for you in your life. Hypnosis can guide to make better decisions in your relationships, business and finance and job or career. This is accomplished by allowing your most powerful and influential asset to be reset to it's originally intended state, of course I am talking about your mind.  When you take the time to rest, relax and reset your mind it's just like doing a restart or reboot on your computer, it runs better, faster and with fewer glitches in it.  When we reset your mind you will live with less stress, less pain, fewer negative ill feelings, and notice greater mental clarity and an overall sense or feeling of well being that allows you a nice peaceful calm when life presents it's daily issues to you.

Hypnosis for Kids

One of the most overlooked and under served people in our society, with respects to mental and emotional health are our children.  Hypnosis is very effective in modifying the behaviors for children of all ages.  Young children with behavior problems are quickly transformed into happy well adjusted children who can better feel the love and support in their lives, that once felt lost or taken for granted.  

Teenagers, who are experiencing depression or sadness due to alienation, depression, bullying, feelings of worthlessness and exhibit isolation and falling grades are quick to respond to treatments and simply find themselves feeling better about themselves, about the things they need to do and about their lives over all.  We notice kids making more friends, fitting in better at school and actually wanting to do their homework and get good grades.

During a Hypnosis session with kids, the parents are welcome to sit in and watch, this allows the parents to better understand what their child is experiencing and also provides valuable tools that the parents can use at home for further progress.

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*NOTICE-HEALING SERVICES refers to anyone who may feel benefits from our services and results may vary from person to person and severity of their condition. Healing is not a final representation as disease may come and go.