About Us

ABOUT US......My challenge

I am Ken Dombrowski the founder of "Love Your Life Hypnosis".  My story?  

I was a very successful General Contractor in Las Vegas and also contracting in California.  I was making great money and building a great business, when I found myself getting progressively tired and feeling sick most of the time, this lead me to gaining weight and being completely run down.  

I visited many doctors around the country and around the world, I received a variety of treatments, but nothing worked, so I was forced to close my various businesses and retire at the early age of 37.  Unable to do much more than shower and sit in my chair watching TV and go to doctor appointments hopeful to find a cure, with no luck.  I finally found meditation.  I noticed that I felt better from meditating over a short period of time and this lead me to Hypnosis.  

I studied Hypnosis and began to feel much, much better until I actually felt good, which lead me to feeling great

I have personally witnessed Hypnosis to HELP and/or BENEFIT......

*Adrenal Disease




*Chronic Fatigue



*Estrogen Dominance


*Gallbladder disease

*Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

*Hi Blood Pressure

*Liver Disease


*Migraine Headaches




*Testosterone Deficiency 


​*Weight Management/Loss

These are some of the daily symptoms I experienced prior to my healing through Hypnosis......

Acid Indegestion

Appetite Loss and Gain

Bloated Painful Gut




Easy Bleeding

Easy Bruising


Falling Down


Inflammation Through Out



Itchy throat

Light Headed

Mood Swings

Muscle Cramps


Nervous Ticks

Painful Joints

Radiating Pain

​Rashy Skin

Ringing in Ears


Sensitive to Light

Sever Headaches

Sexual Disfunction



Stiff Joints

Stiff Muscles

Swollen Joints

Swollen Sinuses


Watery eyes

Weak Muscles

Weight Gain


Because of my history with suffering and ailing without hope for a future, I can relate to anything my clients might bring in for help with.  This painful history drives my passion to help others through a diverse selection of mind, body, spirit and emotional issues.

When choosing a Master Hypnotist it is important to be able to connect with them on a personal level and have a feeling of rapport. This can be reached by getting to know your Hypnotist for their personal and professional history, that relates to your own life and experiences.

A good and reputable Hypnotist should also be willing to tell you if they are or are not a good fit for you and your needs.

Be as open as possible with the hypnotist so they can assemble the best line of treatment, custom tailored just for you and your needs.  Too many hypnotists use a cookie cutter approach with a one size fits all program.  Be aware, if you have seen a hypnotist more than one time, compare each visit experience, do they sound and feel similar? Do you suspect they are just running a script?  It is unfortunate, but many unskilled hypnotists actually do use scripts for everything from the visit and conversation and YES, also a script for their hypnosis, with only a few variations to make them seem original. At Love Your Life Hypnosis, you can be assured that no scripts exist with in our offices and you will always get an original hypnosis experience created for your best benefit based on your needs and your specific life style and personality.